Talk to someone lovely:

Recently the entire country was hit by a huge snowstorm the “Beast from the East” which combined with storm Emma, to cause the worst weather to hit the UK in years. In a country that rarely experiences such levels of snowfall, and blizzard conditions, this storm caused chaos, closing schools and hospitals, and led to the Met Office issuing a rare red alert.


However, in the midst of this chaos a few examples of the spirit of adventure were to be found, a baby deciding it was her time to be born on the A66 near Stockton-on-Tees is my personal favourite example, so many 4×4 drivers got a rare opportunity to use their vehicles for their intended purposes when they volunteered to drive NHS staff to work. Locally to Aveling Adventure these drivers also rescued stranded travellers throughout the night on the worst hit days and Aveling Adventure’s intrepid founders Jenna and Cath decided this was the weekend for them to move house!


The town of Frome, home to Aveling Adventure, also bore witness to some excellent examples of the spirit of adventure when a group of skiers and snowboarders chose to use the famous St Catherine’s Hill as their piste! Additionally, not letting a small thing like the closing of school for a couple of days dampen their enthusiasm… nearly all the town’s schoolchildren took to the fields in the surrounding areas with sledges, both bought and homemade, to enjoy the huge snowfall while it lasted.


This just goes to show, adventure is wherever you choose to find it. Where have you found unexpected adventure and how can we instill it in our lives?