Talk to someone lovely:
This year so far has been full of incredible events from birthday parties and schools to festivals and massive corporate team building events. We have travelled up to Leeds, across to London down to the cliff tops of Cornwall and of course a lot around our home counties of Somerset.

Next week we are attending a very special event for us. Womad festival in Charlton Park, Malmesbury. Three years ago, to the day I was working at Womad for a friend’s company. I missed festivals. I love the community of them, people you see year after year, people you work beside for long hours and then when the festival comes together the people you get to relax with.

I also loved instructing in the outdoors, I had been an instructor for over 10 years and knew this was where my passion was. The look on a child’s face when they finally managed to get to the top of the climbing wall or the excitement when the arrow hit the gold. For me adventure sports are magical in releasing this joy in children.

I sat in the crew catering tent and thought about conversations I had had with teachers from previous centres. How it was getting harder and harder to take the children away. I always heard teachers talk about the ‘red tape’ and the difficulties of insurance for coach travel. I sat and wondered if we could combine the two. Could we create a mobile adventure centre that would be able to offer activities to schools and festivals?

I messaged my (very new) partner and spoke about the idea, would it be crazy to start a business? After hours and hours of discussion, planning, spider diagrams and lists (there were hundreds of lists!) we knew this was something we wanted to do.

We didn’t realise just what we had started but there in that field, in the middle of Womad, Aveling Adventure was created. Three years later we are bringing our mobile climbing wallmobile climbing towers and the boulder hut back to the very same field and I cannot wait!