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Let Me Introduce Myself…

From the beginning of March you may have noticed an entirely new person popping up in your
inbox and communications with Aveling Adventure. That would be me, Kirsty, Aveling Adventure’s
brand new Marketing and Administration Assistant, Hello!

Now don’t let the Assistant part fool you, I have over 15 years of experience of working in the
Corporate world, for companies such as NBC Universal, OgilvyOne and even the Natural History
Museum, yes, that Natural History Museum. However, with a move out to the wilds of Somerset
and a foray or two into Motherhood comes a change in pace and a wonderful opportunity to help
bring more adventure into people’s lives.

I grew up in the countryside, North Norfolk to be exact, and with it came an inbuilt love for the
city! No kidding, I ran for the city lights as fast as my legs could carry me. But over the years, that
love of the city changed into a yearning for adventure, and green spaces. Joining a local climbing
club gave me the opportunity to escape the city, and a team of friends who would continue to escape
the city to the Peak District for many weekends, and years to come. I am afraid to say that I am no
expert climber, but I appreciate the ability that I have to be able to climb, even if only at a basic

Nowadays, the climbing weekends are few, but the entertaining children weekends are permanent,
and I am fully indoctrinated into the outdoors is best mentality when it comes to entertainment for
my two young children. I love Aveling Adventure’s attitude of bringing a healthy amount of risk to
children who may not otherwise experience it. Even forest schools now, whilst wonderful, have a
degree of being more inside out than bringing a true sense of adventure. This is where activities
such as ArcheryPioneering, and, my personal favourite, Axe Throwing come into their own,
offering this lovely level of risk and excitement to children and adults alike.

I look forward to working with you all, and bringing much more Adventure into your lives.


Feel free to drop me an email to introduce yourself as well!