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There are various mobile climbing wall providers across the UK. As with anything some are better than others. When you are looking at different climbing wall providers you should be encouraged to ask questions and make sure they are the right people for you.


Every company that has a portable climbing wall will have different areas of expertise. Some will enjoy the Fast buzz of an event and get as many people on the climbing wall as possible, others will come from an instructing background and really like to make sure every climber gets the most from their climb. Outdoor instructors are specialists in encouraging, coaching and assisting people to achieve their own personal goals. For some people just getting a few feet off the ground is an achievement whilst others like a challenge or competition.


For all providers safety should be paramount. Regardless of event, time of day or organisation that is booking the climbing wall, safety should always be everyone’s first thought. If you book a bad balloon modelling person or story teller then you would be left disappointed but book a bad climbing wall and things could be a lot worse.


Ask to see their risk assessments, public liability insurance and training programs.  Make sure you read through them thoroughly and check with the company if there is anything you don’t understand. A good company will be willing to explain any of their safety documents to perspective clients and not just use technical climbing terms to confuse people.


Ask for an up to date picture of the mobile climbing tower, or even better ask to visit the company beforehand. Maybe they have the climbing wall at another event near you?  This way you can see the climbing wall and the instructors at work.


Are all the instructors DBS checked? Will there be a first aider on site? Enquire about the instructors’ qualifications, experience and knowledge. Good rock climbing qualifications to look out for are the SPA (single pitch award) and the CWA (Climbing Wall Award).


Remember mobile climbing walls and climbing towers are great for a lot of different events but it is essential you pick the right company as the level of instruction offered at your event will reflect on your school, company or event in the future.


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