Talk to someone lovely:

I have experienced living in remote countryside locations and right in the middle of inner cities. I love both, there is an excitement and energy about the city life that the countryside could never create. There is a never-ending buzz of interactions, communications and people’s lives are so intertwined with each other. This close knit living can scare some people but I loved the fact that everybody I bumped into had a story very different to mine. I learned a lot during my time in the city, one of the things I learnt the most was that I was grateful I wasn’t brought up in the city.

I know people who were brought up in the middle of a city and their childhood was very different to mine. not necessarily better or worse, just different. My brothers and I spent much of our time outside, building dens, climbing trees, creating imaginary cities in the woods behind our house.

My childhood was full of adventure, fresh air, space and freedom. I have no doubt that this shaped me to become the adult I am today. I love adventure, the sense of the unknown the knowledge and belief in my body to be able to climb, leap and fall.

When we started Aveling Adventure in 2014 I wanted to make adventure activities accessible to everyone regardless if they lived in close proximity to a climbing wall, mountain or river. All of our activities are mobile, this means we can reach children that would never have got the chance to try climbing, archery or leaping into the unknown with our ‘Leap of Faith’.

By providing activities such as our mobile climbing wallmobile climbing towers, archery, bushcraft and circus skills to events we are also reaching a whole new demographic of people.  People attending an Armed Forces Day, community event or festival may have never thought about trying climbing until they came across our mobile climbing wall.

If I can ignite a sense of adventure in children that didn’t realise they loved adventure then I have done my job.

Somebody recently asked me why we brought our activities to events. I told him all this with such passion and enthusiasm that at the end he laughed and replied “Well you have convinced me; can adults have a go as well”

Of course they can……

It is never too late to start including adventure in your life!